What a Web Agency does

A web agency has the task of developing projects for the web through multiple professionalism and related experience. The activities of social media manager, SEO specialist, web strategist, blogger, copywriter are all tasks of a web agency.

The Lycnos web agency was created to meet your needs. It promotes the creation of modern and functional websites, together with web marketing actions for the visibility and reputation of your brand. Make Lycnos your Web Agency.

Lycnos Web Agency

In its broadest sense, the task of a web agency is to draft and implement a communication plan.

In this sense, according to the input received from the customer, it may_

  • define objectives
  • identify the target
  • choose the means of communication (specifically the web)
  • draw up an income statement
  • set up a media strategy
  • writing content
  • optimize performance
  • monitor results over time and make appropriate corrections
  • make suggestions to the client in an ongoing consultancy relationship

So the essential task of building a website can take on broader connotations for a modern web agency, which is often called upon to tasks of strategy, multimedia expression and, of course, web master.